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Jan 26

Connect. Find. Be found.

Those three things were what I had in mind when I first thought of IA Nation. Now I want to show you how we are going to do just that. The details and images that follow will give a closer look and better understanding of what is included in the Adjuster Pro membership package. We are only a few weeks away from going live, so follow us on our Facebook page and stay posted on promotional offers and details of the launch date. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at I cant wait to see you on the inside!

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The following gallery will show you an example of the main dashboard with the pro membership. This has been designed to give you a centralized location for all of the tools available in IA nation. Demonstration videos are provided to guide you through every section. Clean and easy to follow was the goal. These are the current features with other add-ons planned!

Custom Profile

Your adjuster profile has been well thought out to include data fields to help better connect you with IA firms and other adjusters.  Your images and basic information will be visible to all other members including IA firms and vendors. The work availability details will only be visible to you and IA firms.

 How IA Firms Will Find You

The data you enter in your basic information and work availability details is searchable and can be multi-filtered by firms. After performing the search they can be directed to your profile to see all of your information. Below are examples of this process and will be outlined further in a future post.

How You Find IA Firms

Similarly, IA firms will have a profile and they can list details about their company, available workload, and upcoming training or events. You can also search for any available work within your area after coming off a storm or if you are running daily claims locally. Download any forms they require and get back to work!

Additional Tools

Outside of keeping the work coming, we wanted to provide additional features and tools that made sense to have all in one location. Some of these include a secure file storage, license tracking, and a data holder. Keep copies of licenses, certifications, W-9, etc. to provide the new IA firms you are about to start work with. Set an email reminder of when your licenses or certifications will expire. Choose the number of days in advance you want to to be reminded, then use the CE search tools to stay active. Also store any keys or numbers you may need in the future. No need to to dig around old computer files, flash drives, or emails. Keep it all in one place where you can access anywhere with internet, even your phone.


This industry is full of third party vendors that help out both adjusters and firms in many ways. The vendor profiles are set up to provide you with more information and provide a resource to connect on a platform dedicated to the industry. They can post promotional details, specials, events and more. A future post dedicated to vendors and their profiles will come soon.

Licenses, Certifications, and CE Search

These three things are all the necessary evils this industry needs to keep moving onward and upward. Both firms and vendors host a multitude of classes, training, events, etc. throughout the year and all over the country. IA Nation provided a way for adjusters to easily find all of the upcoming and available events they need or want. You can search by location, type, number of hours and more. Download or preview any material they provide.

  Connecting All of Us

With the Pro Membership, you can fully connect with Adjusters, Firms, and Vendors. Similar to other social media sites, you can friend, follow, private message, receive instant notifications, post, like, comment, and more. This is just the beginning. What are you waiting for?

Connect. Find. Be Found.



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